Keyed Alike Padlock Charge

Keyed Alike Padlock Charge
£9.00 incl Vat
excluding shipping
  • Keyed alike charge, one set of keys fits all locks.
  • You only get one set of keys that come with one of the locks, some locks have 2 or 3 keys as standard.
  • If you do need more keys add one lock to the trolley, with the extra keys.
  • Then click on the lock in the trolley, so it takes you back to the lock, then add the rest of the quantity of locks you require to the trolley.
  • Now add keyed alike charge: i.e. if you only want 2 locks keyed alike, only add 1 key alike charge to the trolley or if you have 10 locks, add 9 keyed alike.
  • Basically, add one less keyed alike charge to the trolley as one lock becomes the master template one.
  • I know it's confusing for some, just email or call us if we have confused you!
  • Some of the more expensive ranges of locks may cost more, we will let you know if that is the case.