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ASEC Privacy Knobset

This Privacy Knobset by Asec is supplied complete with fixing screws and an adjustable tubular latch, combining privacy with safety which makes this kit ideal for use in bedrooms and bathrooms. The inside knob has a turn fitted to it which locks out the knob on both sides, if emergency access is required you can used the slotted key provided or another flat item such as a coin to gain entry.
£16.25 incl Vat excluding shipping

ERA 168 Privacy Knobset

The ERA 168 Privacy Knobset range of Door Knob Sets are particularly suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms as they combine safety with privacy. Not only does the set have an external knob as a emergency release, it also has a tubular latch adjustable to either 60mm or 70mm. This Era 168 Privacy Knobset is easy to install.
£26.99 incl Vat excluding shipping

Era 168 Privacy Knobset

The Era 168 Privacy Knobset Range Of Door Knob Sets Are Particularly Suitable For Bathrooms And Bedrooms As They Combine Safety With Privacy. Not Only Does The Set Have An External Knob As A Emergency Release, It Also Has A Tubular Latch Adjustable To Either 60Mm Or 70Mm And Is Easy To Install.
£24.29 incl Vat excluding shipping

Weiser Na330 Beverly Privacy Knobset

£29.97 incl Vat excluding shipping