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Hpc Tru-122 Circlip Pliers

The Hpc Tru-122 Circlip Pliers Are A Economical, Single Operation Ring Spreading Pliers With A Tip Size Of .038-Inch (1Mm)
£51.18 incl Vat excluding shipping

Hpc Tru-55 Circlip Pliers

The Two-Pivot Center Of The Hpc Tru-55 Circlip Pliers Allows For Dual Operation: The No. 1 Center Is For Compressing Internal Rings. The No. 2 Center Is For Spreading External Rings. Changeovers Are Made Quickly And Easily. Just Turn The Knob And Shift The Handles. Tip Size: 038.-Inch (1Mm)
£63.00 incl Vat excluding shipping

Souber Tools Cp1 Circlip Pliers

Specially Designed Pliers For Fitting Brass And Mild Steel Circlips To Many Euro Profile And Rim Cylinders.
£25.92 incl Vat excluding shipping