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HPC TRU-122 Circlip Pliers

The HPC TRU-122 Circlip Pliers are a economical, single operation ring spreading pliers with a tip size of .038-inch (1mm)
£0.00 incl Vat excluding shipping

HPC TRU-55 Circlip Pliers

The two-pivot center of the HPC TRU-55 Circlip Pliers allows for dual operation: The No. 1 center is for compressing internal rings. The No. 2 center is for spreading external rings. Changeovers are made quickly and easily. Just turn the knob and shift the handles. Tip Size: 038.-inch (1mm)
£0.00 incl Vat excluding shipping

SOUBER TOOLS CP1 Circlip Pliers

Specially designed pliers for fitting Brass and Mild Steel circlips to many Euro Profile and Rim Cylinders.
£0.00 incl Vat excluding shipping