Multi Point Locking

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CHAMELEON Cylinder Bolt Thrower Tool

This cylinder throwing tool is designed for use when fitting locks that take a cylinder. The lock can be operated with this product by simply inserting it and turning when the cylinder is not yet fitted, it is suitable for both Oval and Euro profile cylinder locks.
£7.57 incl Vat excluding shipping

ERA D Wire Sash Balance Tension Adjustment Tool

This tension adjustment tool is designed for use with D Type sash balances. These types of balances are supplied non-tensioned, and this tool can be used to adjust the balance within its weight range to suit actual glazed sash weights. This handheld tool is easily portable for quick on-site adjustments.
£8.44 incl Vat excluding shipping

ERA F & K Balance Installation Tool

This installation tool from Era is designed for use with F & K style sash balances on vertical sliding sash windows to help with installation and adjustment on unequal or heavy sashes.
£7.33 incl Vat excluding shipping