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Abus Ps88 Lubricant Spray

£15.56 incl Vat excluding shipping

Asec Mighty Lube Universal Lubricant With Ptfe

The Asec Mighty Lube Is A Universal Lubricant Fortified With Ptfe. It Has A Strong Penetrating Action And Is Excellent For Chain And Wire Rope, With The Smart Straw 2 Way Spray System Enabling Both A Precision Stream And A Wide Spray. It Reduce Friction And Wear, Protects Against Rust And Corrosion And Also Removes Water And Moisture. It Has A Wide Working Temperature Range Of -43°C To +170°C.
£26.99 incl Vat excluding shipping

Dormakaba 200Ml Lock Cleaner Spray

This 200Ml Lock Cleaner Spray From Kaba Is Designed To Lubricate And Clean All Types Of Locks And Helps To Protect Against Corrosion.
£13.33 incl Vat excluding shipping

Q Oil Q5 Penetrating Graphite Oil

The Q5 Graphite Based Penetrating Oil Is A General Purpose Cleaning & Lubricating Spray, Particularly Suitable For Use On Locks. This Oil Effectively Cuts Through Rust, Dirt And Scale Making It Ideal For Loosening Up Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Pipes And Fittings.
£9.88 incl Vat excluding shipping