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ARREGUI C-600 Letterplate

Corrosion resistant stainless steel letterplate from Arregui, featuring a 30mm x 230mm aperture size which is suitable to accept A4 mail such as magazines.
£27.81 incl Vat excluding shipping

ASEC Sleek Letter Plate 40/80 - 310mm Wide

The Asec sleek letterbox combines smart design features with reliable operation. The sleek frame and flap design incorporate a concealed flap operating mechanism to maintain subtle exterior sightlines. The letterbox features internal and external thumb access for ease of use. When fully open the external flap opens to 180° without over stressing and smart frame design prevents abrasive action against the flap during operation, the internal flap also opens to 180°.
£68.95 incl Vat excluding shipping

ASEC Stainless Steel Letter Plate

Flush fitting 305mm stainless steel letter plate
£57.91 incl Vat excluding shipping

ASEC Victorian Letter Plate

Plain Victorian letter plates designed to fit onto wooden doors
£24.95 incl Vat excluding shipping