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HOOPLY B03 Side Lock

£26.59 incl Vat excluding shipping

HOOPLY Key Operated Latch & 4 Deadbolt - Gearbox For Container Door Multi Lock

This Hooply multipoint locking centre case is very commonly used on site containers and security steel doors.
£86.40 incl Vat excluding shipping

HOOPLY Panic Escape Sashlock Split Spindle Body Only

This Hooply ST32# Panic/Escape Lock Case is designed to be a new, improved, higher security sashlock. It replaces the standard 3 centre shoot bolts with 1 rectangular hardened steet shootbolt - a more robust and attack resistant style. It may also be used as a panic escape sashlock as the internal handle overrides the locking mechanism in the event of an emergency, without requiring keys.
£49.41 incl Vat excluding shipping

HOOPLY Side Lock Shoot Bolt 502A

The Hooply 502A Side lock, also known as the lateral lock, features an upper/lower latching side shoot bolt. When combined (1 top and 1 bottom), this adds 4 locking points to the Hooply 19 point high security locking system.
£13.50 incl Vat excluding shipping