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FUHR Lever Operated Latch & Deadbolt - Centre Case

Lever operated latch & deadbolt centre case from Fuhr. The ball bearing, screw and spring required to operated this centre case must be purchased separately. The correlating Aldridge product codes for these products are L23669, L23670 and L23671.
£43.64 incl Vat excluding shipping

FUHR Lever Operated Latch & Deadbolt Split Spindle - Centre Case

Fuhr Euro profile lever operated latch & deadbolt split spindle centre gearbox. Please note that in order to prevent handle drop when fitting this product you must purchase a Fuhr lockcase ball bearing, spring and screw in addition to this unit (products L23669, L23670 and L23671).
£30.34 incl Vat excluding shipping