4K Series

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VIDEX 4K Series 2 Way Surface Mounted Audio Kit c/w 3011 Handset

The Videx 4K2S is a 2 way surface mounted audio kit complete with a 3011 call button Handset. Up to 3 handsets can be connected to each button, making it ideal for bigger apartments. The 4K2S incorporates two way speech and has a stainless steel facia finish with gun metal grey surround.
£190.85 incl Vat excluding shipping

VIDEX 4K1S/GSM 1 Way Surface Mounted Audio GSM Kit

The Videx 4000 Series 4K1S/GSM “entry-level” surface mounted audio kit is a totally self contained GSM door entry system kit. There are also auxiliary input and outputs. The 4K1S/GSM/CL kit includes a door panel, Psu & antenna, requires only a Sim card, and can be programmed by either SMS or PC Software.
£940.22 incl Vat excluding shipping